BC BLOOM Bar & Bistro


Our bistro bar serves daily hot and cold drinks from 10 am until late in the evening/nite.

From cappuccino to Pina Colada, from herbal tea to all kind of beers, whether fancy or classic drinks or just a glass of wine, our barman will serve you all kinds of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

Do you like smoothies or fresh pressed fruit juice?

The Bloom Bar will create you the the best fruit juices made from organically grown fruits.

With an extensive variety of snacks, we provide culinary delights around the pool as well as at the riverside.

Our pizza baker will prepare a colorful variety of pizzas and pide for you. According to your taste – please ask for daily offers as well.

Take a look at our bistro and bar carte de jour. We are sure there’s something for you too.            

Come in to find out.

Bloom Bloom 2023