Located on the Dalyan River, our hotel, which tries to reflect the characteristics of Anatolian civilizations, consists of 70 comfortable rooms designed with the integration of local wood art and marvel stone workmanship. The classic Ottoman style and naturalness of our guest rooms reflect the unique Anatolian architecture in a elemental setting nestled amidst the Dalyan Nature Reserve.

Kadir Büyükcengiz

General Manager BcSpa Hotel Dalyan

  • Swimming Pools and Water Fun

    Immerse yourself in AQUA Whether in our indoor pool or the two outdoor pools, we even offer a swimming pool for our little ones. Our vitamin bar in the spa as well as our BLOOM pool bar offer you all kinds of drinks, whether hot drinks, healthy smoothies or sparkling cocktails. What your heart desires, […]

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    Discover the mystical relaxing therapies, massages and natural methods of the east. Go on a relaxing journey with us. Unwind in the BC SPA Center.At our SPA reception you will be welcomed by our trained staff who will take you on a voyage through the world of SPA. Discover the restorative massages & therapy methods […]

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  • A Delicious Journey

    The A la Carte Restaurant at the riverside offers International cuisine and traditional Anatolien and Ottoman food culture. Our aim is to preserve our uniqueness in the area, offering international cuisine at the finest level using only fresh and locally produced ingredients.We attampt to offer our dinning guests an special culinary experience .Our trained staff […]

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  • Explore Dalyan
    Make UNFORGETTABLE Memories

    Dalyan is a small town on the southwest coast of Turkey by the side of the Mediterranean. The town of Dalyan is situated center of the Dalyan Delta. Iztuzu beach is the most important place to produce of the Caretta Caretta. An amazing ancient city Caunos, Rock Tombs and Mud Baths are in Dalyan. Dalyan, […]

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  • Loggerhead Sea Turtles in Dalyan: Caretta Caretta

    The Caretta Caretta turtle is designated as threatened on the Wildlife Endangered Species List. These turtles with their large heads and reddish brown shells come to Iztuzu Beach to nest from May to September. They have yellowish to white undersides and can measure up to 3-4 feet in length. The turtle reaches maturity around 15 […]

  • Ancient City of Kaunos(Caunos)

    The Ancient City Caunos (Kaunos) within the boundaries of the Koycegiz district is one of the most important port cities of the commercial region in the Ancient Age, but over time it has lost this feature. The ancient city of Caunos was known as “Kbid” until the 4th century BC, but it began to be […]

  • Dalyan Mud Baths & Springs

    Dalyan Mud Baths are one of the most popular activities in Dalyan. Mud Bath is a fun activity, especially for tourists. If you are involved in one of the boat tours from the center of Dalyan, you will visit the mud baths because it is on the sightseeing routes. Dalyan mud bath is said to […]

  • Dalyan Rock Tombs:
    Discover Lycian History

    Dalyan is at the point where the Mediterranean and the Aegean meet.  Its historical texture, nature, lakes, sea and touristic places, attracts numerous domestic and foreign visitors every year. Caretta caretta sea turtles, mud bath, healing hot springs, the ancient city of Kaunos and the mysterious of the Dalyan Rock Tombs are the must-see places in Dalyan. […]

  • 10 Best Things To Do and See In Dalyan

    Dalyan has so much great stuff to offer that you run a risk of missing out on some of the best things to do on any one trip to the city. There are top places to see, enjoyable restaurants to dine at and the perfect beaches to take advantage of… Thankfully, we’re here to make […]

  • Sunbathe on Iztuzu Beach – and keep an eye out for loggerhead turtles!

    Iztuzu Beach is a popular destination for swimmers, sunbathers and nature lovers. Located at the northern end of Dalyan, Iztuzu Plajı stretches for six kilometers along a beautiful sandy coast with a backdrop of shady pine trees. Swimming here is safe as there are lifeguards on duty to watch over bathers during the hottest hours […]

  • Soak in the ancient city’s thermal mud baths at Sultaniye Hot Springs

    Turkey’s ancient city of Dalyan is a must-see destination for anyone exploring the country. In addition to its gorgeous beaches and glorious sunsets, it also offers an abundance of natural wonders. One of the most unique experiences in Dalyan is soaking in its thermal mud baths at Sultaniye Hot Springs.

  • The Rock Tombs of Amos

    The Rock Tombs of Amos are carved into limestone cliffs by Kaunos kings. They’re a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and they’re located in Dalyan, which is just about 10 minutes away from the beach resorts. The tombs are basically caves with some sarcophagi tucked inside them. They’re pretty cool to explore—you can swim in the […]

  • Waterfalls and rivers to enjoy

    It is an experience you must have! There are plenty of waterfalls and rivers to enjoy, but nothing compares to Yuvarlakçay or Toparlar Waterfall. Located near Dalyan, is a dream come true for any swimmer who wants to cool down on a hot summer day. Be prepared it is cold mountain water. Just an stonethrow […]

  • Dalyan is a beautiful place

    Dalyan is one of Turkey’s hidden gems – and here’s why you need to visit! Dalyan is a beautiful place, and it’s definitely one of Turkey’s hidden gems. It’s the perfect place to visit if you want to unwind and get away from it all for a bit – or spend some time with friends […]