Dalyan Rock Tombs:
Discover Lycian History

Dalyan is at the point where the Mediterranean and the Aegean meet.  Its historical texture, nature, lakes, sea and touristic places, attracts numerous domestic and foreign visitors every year.

Caretta caretta sea turtles, mud bath, healing hot springs, the ancient city of Kaunos and the mysterious of the Dalyan Rock Tombs are the must-see places in Dalyan. With this atmosphere, you will enjoy your holiday with your family or group of friends.

In Dalyan, while enjoying the warm sunshine and the lush nature at night, you can relax the day and relax your soul against a magnificent view in the evening. In addition to its natural beauties, Dalyan offers a variety of accommodation options to suit every budget.

Situated in the Köyceğiz-Dalyan Special Environmental Protection Area, it offers outstanding vistas and is rich in wildlife.

The Ancient City of Kaunos, one of the oldest ancient cities in the world and one of the places you should definitely visit in Dalyan, even if you are not interested in history and culture. Kaunos was an important sea port, the history of which is supposed to date back to the 10th century BC.

According to mythology Kaunos was founded by King Kaunos, son of the Carian King Miletus and Kyane, and grandson of Apollo.

Part of Kaunos are the Six rock tombs on the Dalyan river (4th – 2nd century BC), which are Dalyan’s prime sight.
The façades of the rock tombs resemble the fronts of Hellenistic temples with two Ionian pillars, a triangular pediment, an architrave with toothed friezes, and acroterions shaped like palm leaves.

According to belief, the tombs of kings and dignitaries must be placed at the highest possible locations in order to be close to God.
Dalyan Rock Tombs are not completed due to the invasion of Alexander the Great by Pesians.

The temple tombs are the most important part among the rock tombs. The triangular facade borne by the columns attracts attention on the rock tombs, which consist of an antechamber and the cubiculum .

Thousands of years ago, carved into the mountain, nobody knows how, the Dalyan Rock Tombs attract people with its magical view. Especially with the illumination in the evening, it gives the visitors a matchless sight.